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Portland Food Carts & Insurance

Updated: May 10, 2022

Portland's food cart scene is rather unique. As of this writing there are 600+ food carts in and around Portland, and these tiny establishments offer culinary variety not seen anywhere else. Portland food carts are not food trucks, and they are not temporary trailers that are towed away at night. These carts are permanent, and typically belong in clusters of other carts in what we call a food pods or pavilions. They are basically micro restaurants on wheels with full cooking facilities, yet they are permanently parked. Some carts get a lot of buzz for their menu, attract tourists and food critics, and many eventually expand to brick and mortar locations all over Oregon. We love these businesses because we love their passion of bringing unique food creations to the public at affordable prices.

However most insurance companies shy away from insuring food carts as they don't quite understand the business model and exposure. They worry about open flame cooking inside very small confines, theft and vandalism exposure, and the possibility that the carts may be home made or moved on occasion.

We at Tilikum Insurance understand the food cart business very well, and we can offer your a packaged policy that covers your cart, inventory, and general liability all in one. If you plan to sell beer & wine, we can also offer you Liquor Liability insurance.

Here are some useful links for those wanting more information on starting a food cart business in the Portland metro area:

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