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Workers Compensation Insurance 

What We Offer
If you are an Oregon employer, then chances are that you need workers compensation insurance. We work with some of the best providers in the industry, and we can cover your employees anywhere in the country. We also offer international coverage including Defense Based Act (DBA) workers compensation. Click the flag for more information on DBA. 

Penalties for not having workers compensation insurance are rather stiff in Oregon, and can range from an initial fine of $1000 to $250 per day of non-compliance thereafter. If you are not sure whether you need to have workers compensation insurance, please consult with us. The consultation is free. 

On the Job Injuries
You as an employer must accept notice of a claim from an injured worker and report that injury to your insurance carrier within five days. If the worker needs no medical treatment or is given only first aid, there is no need to notify the insurer. A record of this injury should be maintained for one year. If, however, the employer later learns that the injury has worsened and requires medical attention, the employer must report the injury within five days by using Form 801​.​​​​

Employee or Independent Contractor?
Knowing whether your workers are employees or independent contractors is important for compliance with workers compensation and employment laws. Oregon does not require coverage for independent contractors.  However, treating a worker as an independent contractor can be costly for a business.
This is how the Oregon Workers Compensation Division defines an independent contractor: 

Independent contractors under the workers’ compensation law meet the following criteria:
  • Provide a service under a contract without direction and control, or without others having the right to direct and control the provision of those servicers.
  • Control how the service is provided, who provides it, and the means of accomplishing it.
  • Are free from actual direction and control and free from another’s right to direct and control.
  • The creation or use of a business entity, such as a corporation or partnership, does not by itself establish that the entity is an independent contractors. 

We don't just sell workers compensation insurance. We have resources and expertise to help you promote occupational health and safety for your workforce, and we advise you on post-loss responsibilities and procedures including implementing return to work and wellness incentives. 

We are appointed agents with SAIF - a trusted name in workers compensation insurance.

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