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Diesel Gas

Gas Stations & Convenience Stores
We insure those who fuel up America 

We have been insuring gas stations and convenience stores for over 25 years, so you can say that we know a thing or two about this industry. At Tilikum we offer a one-stop shop for all your insurance needs, and based on your risk and needs, we will tailor a policy for you.
Consult us for:

  • 24-hr Operations 

  • Truck Stops 

  • Stations with 7-Elevens 

  • Small Rural Stations 

  • Underground Storage Tanks

  • Workers Compensation 

  • Coverage for mis-fueling

  • General & Liquor Liability 

  • Employment Practices Liability & Employee Benefits

In the Pacific Northwest, and Portland, Oregon in particular,  we have insured over 200 gas stations! We know this market very well, and we are poised to grow our clientele in this segment of the industry. 































               There will be a packaged 

               business owners policy (BOP) that will cover the property and liability of the operator. Under property coverage you will find the store building and it's contents, canopy, fuel pumps, and all other appurtenant structures and fixtures such as tire air pump or propane filling station. There will also be coverage for the fuel in your underground storage tanks. The liability section will cover your general & premises liability (slip and fall type incidents etc.) liquor liability (as most store sell beer & wine), and product liability.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance is also offered, and it covers claims by your employees for things like wrongful termination or harassment. 

      You may need a pollution

               liability policy if you are the owner of the premises with underground storage tanks (USTs). This policy is mandated by law if you are not able to provide personal financial guarantees, and covers any third party claims of ground contamination due to your leaking tanks. This policy also covers any remedial work of pollution clean up, and pays to replace the damaged tanks. Oregon's Underground Storage Tank Program handles issues related to tank registration and operating certificate. There is more useful information on the EPA website

      If you have employees then

               you may be required to have workers compensation insurance. This is also a state mandated coverage for all businesses  that have common law employees. This policy covers any on the job injuries to your employee, and pays for their lost wages. The premiums for the workers compensation policy are determined by your payroll, and job classification of your employees. Of course, we can help you figure all this. Oregon's Workers Compensation Division has more useful information for employers. For other states please contact us.    

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... and                   When it comes to gas stations in Oregon, Garagekeepers coverage comes into play even if there are no repair facilities at the location. In Oregon customers typically do not pump their own gas - i.e. self-service is not available. This creates exposure on part of the gas station operator as they essentially have control of the vehicle during refueling. The General Liability portion of the policy may not cover such claims due to a care/custody/control exclusion in the language. Therefore a Garafekeepers endorsement becomes necessary to cover vehicle damage claims by customers. An example would be a scratch caused by the fuel nozzle, or diesel fuel pumped into a gasoline vehicle. 

The 1,2,3s of gas station insurance policies !

As we typically package policies, you may need three separate policies if you will be operating in Oregon.

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Currently we insure gas stations and convenience stores all along the West Coast, Midwest, and Texas. 

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