Insurance for Marijuana Retailers & Growers

Getting insurance for your marijuana related business is challenging at best. Cannabis is a Schedule 1 substance under federal law, and this makes it illegal to manufacture or sell it. For this reason most all banking and insurance sector stays away from it even if it has been legalized in Oregon and elsewhere. 


Financial institutions are unwilling to work with marijuana businesses which leads to them operating on a cash-only basis. This in turn increases the perils of theft and burglary for the retailers, and creates underwriting challenges for a the few companies that do offer marijuana insurance. 

We happen to be one of the few insurers that offer insurance for the marijuana industry, and we think we do this rather well. We are local, and we understand the landscape of the cannabis enterprise rather well. If you operate in Portland, or in the surrounding counties of Clackamas and Washington, come visit us a an in depth review of your exposure and insurance needs. If you are further away, we are only a phone call away. 


We can offer the following lines of insurance for your business, and our premiums are affordable: 

Products Offered:

Product Liability

Crop Coverage

Commercial General Liability

Premises Liability

Auto & Cargo Coverage

Commercial Property & Inventory

Workers Compensation


Target Classes:



Testing Labs

Retail Dispensaries