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Light Manufacturing 

From product liability to equipment breakdown to damage to your building, we are here to help you minimize manufacturing exposures and keep your business running. 



Food & Beverage

Wood Products 

Metal Fabrication


When we sell a manufacturers insurance policy, we tap into our 50+ years of combined insurance experience to advise you on how to best cover any potential gaps in coverage. We understand stock damage, and the inherent risk of product liability that travels with the goods as they move from the manufacturing plant to the warehouse, and on to the end user.  Best of all, we understand how the following endorsements come into play in providing a better coverage portfolio to those who proudly make things in the USA. 

  • Selling Price Clause to cover finished goods at the selling price instead at actual cash value (ACV) or replacement cost (RC) in order to cover the profit portion of the price. 

  • Vendors Endorsement to provide product liability to the vendors who sell or distribute your products. 

  • Manufacturers Consequential Loss to cover undamaged inventory that has had a reduction is value caused by damage to other stock. 

  • Equipment Breakdown to pay for needed repairs to the assembly line due to mechanical breakdown or artificially generated current. 

  • Foreign General Liability to cover potential lawsuits when you operate outside the United States. 

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